Would you like to support us?

Little foreword:

The operation of the server is completely funded by me and therefore I am not necessarily dependent on donations. I am also a guy who is very reluctant to accept donations. I am on the server and tinkering around almost every day and want to build something big here. Of course I want to give the community the best gaming experience. A donation will not bring you any advantage. You will get a rank, but you will have the same rights as any other citizen.

When should I donate?

Don't donate to get a rank! Pay attention to your donation behavior and only support if you really want it! Donate if you think the server is worth it! How expensive is a new PC game? How much does it cost to enter the nightclub? How much does a ticket cost for the concert on the ring? If you think that this server gives you more pleasure than the things mentioned, then please donate! And above all, please don’t donate, because it promises you a place in the team! It is my duty to design a server for which the players would like to donate. Before this is not achieved in your eyes, donate nothing!

What happens to my donation?

Your donation will only be used to cover the monthly server costs!

How can I donate?

I prefer to accept donations via our Paypal Moneypool. This does not result in fees for anyone and you can still support me well - if you want.

Thank you so much! Also for taking the time to read this to the end!