Forword | General rules

The aim of the rules is to create a friendly environment on the server / forum / TS. Therefore, the following rules apply to the in-game, forum and TS area. If some rules are not clear, ask! After a rule violation, your chance for discussion is wasted! Note that the punishers have no direct control over the punishment on the server, as this depends on your behavior, previous penalties and the current penalty!

1. Contents (applies to all written texts on all conceivable surfaces such as signs, Minecraft names, animals etc.)

  1. No insults, provocations, black humor or offenses.
  2. No racist, political, religious or sexist statements.
  3. Left-wing extremists, right-wing extremists, naked or transparent skins are prohibited.
  4. Advertising is permitted to a limited extent (in the sense of the RPG). External advertising is prohibited. (Also for us with others!)
  5. No capslock or spam. The former is considered screaming and the latter is pretty annoying.
  6. A normal level of punctuation marks is desirable. (Normal measure means one or two punctuation marks!)
  7. Calls for donations should be on a reasonable basis, otherwise they are prohibited! (reasonable basis means with a reasonable ulterior motive / purpose)
  8. Begging is strictly forbidden!
  9. Private conversations should be carried out via /pn or /re!

2. Mods and bots

  1. Bots are strictly prohibited! Whoever gets caught must expect at least a temporary server exclusion for the main account!
  2. Texture packs, graphic mods and minimaps are all only allowed without a block filter.
  3. Chat macros are allowed.
  4. Optifine is allowed.

3. Construction regulation

  1. Redstone buildings are permitted as long as they are not permanent and automatic circuits. You must have an on / off switch and the player must be nearby. Certain circuits can be approved by the team. Keep in mind that this may take some time, since if in doubt it will be checked from the top.
  2. Any racist, sexist, right-wing or left-wing extremist buildings are prohibited!
  3. No blemishes on the maps!
  4. You can farm in specially designated farms.
  5. Falling without labeling and warnings are prohibited!
  6. Farms (Exp or Dropfarms) should be switchable on and off.
  7. Farms that use many blocks of flowing water / lava are only allowed if they can be "switched off" by the thrower / piston.

4. Afk or Afk-like conditions

  1. It is forbidden to escape the Afk through devices.
  2. It is forbidden to stand next to farms, be it spawners or other farms.

5. Take advantage of bugs

  1. It is forbidden to take advantage of errors in the game. Be it glitches, bugs or the like.
  2. It is forbidden to take advantage of errors in plugins. If you find any, you are obliged to report them in the forum!

6. Multiple accounts

  1. It is not allowed to play with more than one account per person per IP.
  2. If there is more than one person in your household who wants to play with us, you have to be verified by a team member.

7. Virtual house rights

  1. This rule occurs when no other rule applies and the team still decides that a particular act is wrong and must be punished.

8. Virtual house peace

  1. If you find other ways to take the fun out of other players, this is not only forbidden, but you have to report this to the team when you become known!

9. Lost is Lost

  1. If something (such as items, etc.) comes away due to game, plug-in, or server errors, it is gone, because in cases of doubt it can usually not be traced that you owned this or that.

10. Inactivity

  1. Without logout after a 4-week absence, there is no guarantee of in-game possessions.

11. Complaints

  1. It is forbidden to complain publicly in chat. If there are complaints, please post them in the forum, there is a special sub-forum for them.
  2. It is forbidden to denounce someone publicly, be it in the forum or in the chat. Talk to the person and possibly a team leader in a conversation or in Ts about it!
  3. It is forbidden to commit murder by public or personal chats. Even if there are concrete facts against this player, every player deserves a certain amount of respect.

12. Notification and confidentiality

  1. Any violation or crime that you notice and can be substantiated by any facts must be reported to the team immediately.
  2. Anyone who does not comply with rule §12.1 is automatically punishable themselves.
  3. However, §11.3 applies to §12.1, i.e. the team must be informed, but it must be kept silent so that the conviction does not come from society.

13. Responsibility

  1. If another person violates a rule with your Minecraft-Account or forum account, it will still be punished!
  2. Any accusation and dismissal like "My brother did this and that" is void in §13.1 and will not be considered.

14. Scam

  1. Any kind of fraud, unless explicitly approved by the server, is prohibited!
  2. Therefore, every player is advised to trade the shop boxes instead of personally! The team will not refund anything!

15. Evidence

  1. Any reported violation or punishment can only be punished if there is evidence.
  2. Therefore, recording by image or video is allowed on the server and by entering the server you give your consent.
  3. Recording of sound in the Ts is only permitted if the recording person deletes the file after handing it over to the team. The recipient gives his word of honor that the file has been deleted.
  4. If the file should come into other hands, the recording person must be personally involved!

16. Word of honor & character sheet

  1. Unless a character sheet (description) is publicly available, a word of honor is a word of honor. Whoever breaks his is punishable!
  2. This is a server with RPG approaches. Therefore, as an RPG player you should have a character sheet that describes the character traits of your own player. You should stick to that.

17. When in doubt

  1. When in doubt, the team always leads!

18. Opportunities

  1. Every player has the opportunity to apply for a ban after a ban. More information within this sub-forum.
  2. If the application for exemption is rejected, the next application for exemption can be made after 3 months.
  3. In the first instance, every release request is answered and checked by the teamler who issued the ban order.
  4. In the event of disagreement or in special circumstances, the responsible teamler can catch up with the entire team as a second instance. (Remember: this variant can take up to 2 or more weeks.)

The following rules refer explicitly to the TeamSpeak:

19. Private personnel data

  1. In your own interest, private information should under no circumstances be passed on.
  2. Liability on our part is excluded if you should nevertheless pass on your private information.

20. Advertising

  1. As in rules 1.4, advertising is only permitted in terms of the RPG, third-party advertising is prohibited.
  2. Other matters are only permitted with the express consent of the server management!

21. Begging

  1. As in 1.8 of the rules, begging is strictly prohibited!

22. Conversations

  1. A friendly and sensible tone is required.
  2. Disrupting conversations of any kind, or support or apparent conversations is not desirable.
  3. The use of a voice distortion is prohibited.
  4. Constant channel change or repeated nudging / covering letters, with the intention of spam is prohibited.
  5. Insults, provocations, pornographic content, racist, political comments or anything else are prohibited.
  6. In the event of a disagreement, the team always has the last word and may decide on the consequences of how and whether they fail.

23. Identities

  1. Your Teamspeak name must be similar to or include your Minecraft.
  2. Using or pretending to be the identity of another player or team member is prohibited and will result in the exclusion of the TS.
  3. Inappropriate content on your avatar is prohibited.

24. Recordings

  1. Recording the language of other TeamSpeak users is not permitted, unless it has been agreed with the team (mod and higher) and the players concerned and clearly marked.
  2. It is allowed when it comes to securing evidence. However, these must be handed over to the server line immediately. After that, they must be deleted immediately.
  3. If evidence is to be found on certain platforms without the consent of the server line, with or evidence or from the players to be heard, it is expressly prohibited.

25. Compulsory registration

  1. There is a general obligation to report if errors occur on the team peak or are discovered. This also applies to inappropriate behavior by other players.

26. Support addition

  1. If you have a problem or question that can only be clarified at the oral level, you can go to the "Wait for Support" room in the team peak and wait - until a supporter pulls you into a support room.