Parents guide

Dear Parents,

Your child plays Minecraft on the Internet and possibly talks to someone else via a headset / microphone and you are worried? If you have any concerns about what your child is doing here with us, do not hesitate to call me or write to us - I too have children who are already playing Minecraft. In today's world, games like Minecraft are probably the more harmless computer games on the internet that some adolescents play, but you should occasionally look over your shoulder or ask where the child is playing (on which online server).

What is Minecraft anyway?

This computer game is about the player being able to create his world. In Minecraft, this is done with square building blocks similar to Lego, but just virtually. Many new elements can be created if these “building blocks” are skillfully combined. There are no limits to imagination and creativity.

In creative mode

The player has all raw materials and items in the inventory and can use everything to build without having to make something himself. Monsters and animals are still active but no longer attack the player, a player can no longer die or take any damage.

In survival mode

If the player usually has nothing in the inventory, you have to search for raw materials together on the almost infinite "pixel world". At the beginning you should make items in the inventory, then to make further progress, build a workbench to learn more new ones (get experience so-called XP) and again make new material. The main focus is to survive the night and to find or build safe shelter as quickly as possible. As soon as it gets dark, "monsters" go into mischief and you have little chance of surviving the night without protective armor or weapons (sword / stick / shovel or similar). The shelter should be closed from all sides (top / sides / bottom), because in this game mode the player takes damage from monster attacks, falls from a great height and other environmental influences.

Adventure mode

This mode is similar to the survival mode. Blocks can be placed, but can only be dismantled with the tool provided. However, the player can fully interact with objects such as boxes and buttons. The mode is designed for worlds created by other players. The creator can thus determine which items are available to the player of the game created in Minecraft and how they can be interacted with. Another addition designed for custom worlds is the command block. It enables the creators to use commands to influence other things, such as teleporting players or switching off fire.

Hardcore mode

Is a special form of survival mode in which one does not have infinite lives, however, the player dies in hard core mode, due to monsters or carelessness, the game ends immediately and can no longer enter his world. You can play these and other game modes either on your computer alone or on a Minecraft server with several players.

Where can I get Minecraft from and what does my child need?

First of all you need the game Minecraft (JAVA EDITION). This must be activated as an immediate download at or directly from the manufacturer, for a one-off payment, and then downloaded and installed on the computer.

With the help of a central platform (an online server), several players can build and play on a world simultaneously and together. There are various Minecraft server lists on the Internet where your child can play. Make sure that your child does not play on servers, which means that online purchases give you a rank or various gaming advantages on one server. Minecraft was developed in such a way that everything can be used free of charge and without having to pay for additional content (also online). Unfortunately, the trend is that you are only "online" if you have a status on a Minecraft server, if your child absolutely wants to buy a status rank, please take a close look at what you or your child do for that. Some servers are designed for PaytoWin (illegal benefits), but this contradicts the Minecraft EULA (regulations).

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us! Use our contact form, for example!